Clinical success can be defined by achieving a result that is aesthetic, functional and predictable. Today's demand for such a high level of aesthetics and predictability require a collaborative effort between the dentist and technician. This seminar investigates the factors that allow a relationship between the dentist and technician to result in extraordinary and predictable results. Historically, restorations have been fabricated to work within an "envelope of function." Remember, when we chew, teeth actually don't touch. Given that fact, it isn't during the envelope of function that teeth or restorations fail. Instead, it is when we extend beyond and into the "Envelope of Parafunction" that destruction occurs. If we can create restorations that exist within this envelope of parafunction, we have better opportunity for success. This presentation introduces the "Outside/Inside" evaluation. This refers to seven specific steps that must be considered when developing any treatment plan. Following these steps result in restorations that are aesthetic and functional while improving predictability. Other factors that contribute to consistency and predictable restorations will be discussed.

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Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
January 04, 2016
Seminar Objectives
  • 1. Seven essential steps of treatment planning for aesthetics and predictability
  • 2. Implications of occlusion disease and its relation to success
  • 3. Understanding incisal edge position and tooth length
  • 4. Importance of Anterior Guidance and angle of disclusion
  • 5. "Simple" Restorative Sequence
  • 6. Communication to the technician of the desired occlusal outcome and ensuring restoration fabrication within parafunctional parameters
  • 7. How to communicate to the technician the desired aesthetic outcome
  • 8. How digital technology can improve predictability
Improved Predictability With Advanced Esthetics Part 1
Speaker Information
Michael Fling DDS  [ view bio ]
Improved Predictability With Advanced Esthetics Part 2
Speaker Information
Michael Fling DDS  [ view bio ]
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